Adelaide Hardware/Software Coffee Morning

Jan 27, 2015

Over the Australia Day long weekend I was going through my emails reading about all the projects that my friends are doing and their various experiences making their things a reality. It struck me that after 6 months of being in Adelaide that all of my mails originated from elsewhere in the world and I haven’t really connected with anyone in the city I now call home. When I arrived in Adelaide I noticed an interesting trend in the hardware/software space - no meetups. For a vibrant, diverse city I find this fascinating, I love getting together with interesting people and finding out about what they’re doing. I can’t believe that there is nobody doing interesting things with hardware and software (a recent article on MacStories suggests there are at least some app developers here) and i’d like us to see more of each other.

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Your Bot has been very bad

Jan 16, 2015

There’s a great story doing the rounds online today about a bot created by an art collective that has gone and purchased a load of drugs online. The bot which has the excellent name ‘Random Darknet Shopper’ has a $100 of bitcoin to spend a week on whatever it likes and this time it fancied some drugs - 10 Ecstacy pills to be exact, which it then had posted to it’s creators who are hoping their “live mail” project will “critically evaluate mass surveillance”.

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Digital Detox

Jan 15, 2015

I listen to the excellent New Tech City podcast from WYNC with Manoush Zomorodi.

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2014 in Review

Jan 13, 2015

Attempting to start a new blog seems to be the thing I do during the Christmas break when I have time on my hands. I’ve given up counting the number of years i’ve resolved to start blogging only to give up before the end of January. In fact i’m pretty sure I wrote this exact paragraph almost exactly a year ago today. It seems appropriate then that I start the blog this year looking back at the highs and lows of the year just past.

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